Acacia Photography, Inc.

The freelance 'Imagineering' of award winning photographer 

William E. Cowger

Troy, Michigan, USA

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For William Cowger, photography is a passion... a way of life... rather than a job.  Whether it's in the wilderness of  Africa or Central America, or in the board room of a corporation here in southeast Michigan, the challenge is the same... capture the photographs that tell the 'whole' story.  Acacia provides a wide variety of services, including commercial photography, environmental portrait photography, travel photography, and nature photography. In addition, Acacia offers fine art prints and stock photography from around the world for sale.  Although traveling provides wonderful photographic opportunities, the greatest benefit of all is looking for and finding beauty in our everyday surroundings here in Michigan.  Itís so easy to miss, and yet so easy to find if you LOOK FOR IT !        


Mr. Cowger is a member of the Professional Photographers of America and the Professional Photographers of Michigan. Acacia Photography, Inc. is a member of the Troy Michigan Chamber of Commerce in Michigan, and the Birmingham Bloomfield Chamber of Commerce in Michigan.


Note: All photography on this site is the property of Acacia Photography, Inc. (a Michigan Corporation) and is copyrighted with all rights reserved.  Each photograph has an embedded electronic watermark that will be detected should it be used on a website and will be visible when printed.  The price for use with permission is considerably less than the alternative, and violators WILL be prosecuted.